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Our Founder and Lead Facilitator At the Business in Baking in the Digital Era workshop/seminar

Our Training Service Options

In-house Academy

Our Academy curate training programs for business owners, ranging from digital marketing, social media marketing etc

Training In Partnership

We provide training service to organizations or businesses that seeks to empower SMEs with the digital skills they require to achieve their business and marketing goals. This can be done through events, conferences, workshops or training programs.


Distance or location is not a barrier to the empowerment our training can offer. We curate really helpful material into courses where business owners from any part of the world can access them and at their own pace go through them.


We have a resource platform where we curate helpful materials Business owners or digital marketing Enthusiast can find helpful in building their business online.

Number of SME's We have Trained

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Number of SME's We have Trained

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Our Programs

Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

For Business Owners, solopreneurs, creatives, and social media enthusiast ready to use the power of social media to take their business/craft to a whole world of abundance sales, awareness and Brand loyalty.  

The Social media marketing course is a 4-weeks onsite and online program where business owners can learn how to use social media as a means to achieve their business goals: be it sales, brand awareness, engagement, lead generation and more. They will learn social media Ads buying, how to build a landing website to sell their products, and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Training Service

How Long Does It Take To Learn Social Media Marketing

Time varies, but grasping the basics can take 3 -4 weeks Mastering it? Continuously learn, adapt, and practice!

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