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Website Design Company In Lagos Nigeria

We create mobile-responsive, and Search Engine Optimized websites that will make your  business sell more online and standout

Website Design In Nigeria

Businesses in Nigeria have come to understand the value of not just a website that communicates their brand message, but also a web presence that generates leads and sales.

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Our Website Design Service Features:

Design & Development

With website we build for you; get found online, reach mobile users, and showcase your brand. We craft websites optimized for SEO, mobile responsiveness, and a strong brand identity.

Website Maintenance

For the first five (5) months after your website launches, we will maintain it for FREE. We will update software's, web content, and security keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and functioning smoothly.

Website That Drives Result

We don't just design websites, we build sales and lead generation machines. Our marketing expertise ensures your website drives results, and help you achive your business goals.

Website Design Pricing Plans

Our Website Design plans are affordable and can be purchased online

Business/Corporate Website

This type of website provides information about a business, its products or services, and its contact information. They often include sections about the company's mission, history, team, and blog.

Price Starts from #350,000

mydigitalbrandbox - website design agency

E-commerce Website

This allows businesses to sell products online. It is your digital storefront, open to customers worldwide. They can browse your products, add them to their virtual carts, and make payment to checkout with just a few clicks.

Price Starts from #650,000

School/University Website

This type of websites bridge the gap between institutions and their diverse audiences. attract prospective students, engage current students, and connect with alumni and the wider community.

Price Starts from #650,000

Personal Brand/Portfolio Website

Imagine a platform that seamlessly shows your expertise, personality, and achievements, while leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Price Starts from #250,000

NGO Website

In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for any organization, and NGOs are no exception. Your website is your virtual hub, showcasing your projects and impact, connecting you with supporters, volunteers, and the communities you serve.

Price Starts from #350,000

News & Blog Website

News websites typically focus on current events and breaking news. They provide up-to-date information on a variety of topics, such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more

Price Starts from #350,000

Real Estate Website

This type of website is your online storefront, showcasing stunning properties, connecting you with your target audience, and streamlining the entire buying and selling process.

Price Starts from #450,000

Church & Ministry Website

This type of websites serves as virtual doorways, inviting visitors to explore your faith community, engage with resources, and discover what your ministry offers. It can also serve as a tool for spreading hope, fostering inclusivity, and inspiring positive action.

Price Starts from #450,000

E-Magazine Website

Gone are the days of lugging heavy magazines around or waiting impatiently for the next issue to arrive in the mail. E-magazines offer instant access to a wealth of content, delivered straight to your audiences favorite devices.

Price Starts from #650,000

Hospital /Healthcare Website

This type of websites are online hubs that play a crucial role in connecting patients with the information and services they need. They are gateways to vital resources, appointment scheduling, and even telehealth consultations.

Price Starts from #650,000

Restaurant Website

In today's digital age, a well-designed restaurant website is no longer optional, it's essential. It's your 24/7 storefront, silently beckoning hungry customers and showcasing your culinary delights to the world.

Price Starts from #650,000

Travel & Tour Booking Website

This type of websites have become the go-to tool for globetrotters in the digital age. Gone are the days of poring over travel brochures and calling countless agencies – now, with a few clicks, your clients can plan their dream vacation from the comfort of their couch.

Price Starts from #450,000

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Website Design Service

Do you build websites that work well on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?

Yes we do! All websites we design are mobile responsive. We realize most people will access your website through mobile screens and are prepared to help you serve those users. In todays world websites not well optimized for a mobile experience lose a considerable amount of potential traffic and customers.

I only need a simple website for my business, can you build it?

What you need is a brochure website. These types of websites are designed mainly for businesses and nonprofit organizations. They are usually used by corporations to highlight their products and services. Smart businesses in Nigeria see it as an opportunity to build their brand. We will not only build build this type of website, we will also ensure that the website generates sales and leads for you and it is properly monetized. 

Do you offer SEO Services?

Yes we do, both as a stand alone service and value added service. What that means is, whether we designed your website or not, we can still help you optimize your website for Search Engine. 

Do you handle international website design contracts ?

Yes we do. The ease of communicating online with tools like zoom and monitoring progress with project management tools like Trello has made handling website design projects from all around the world easy.

Are your websites Search engine optimized?

We take our time to build websites with good SEO, right from the beginning of planning when deciding on website information architecture to ensuring the website is ready to hit google search after launch.

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